Your Day

The cold days arrive with their bitterness The wind blows chills through the skies Even then you come to mind and I get tears in my eyes Am I okay people wonder No, I’m not, but I do well to survive In silence only my soul hears my wailing cries Five years later, I still do not ask “why?”
Nor will I
My heart will be forever in pieces but I thank The Divine One each day for our daily bread My sweet innocent child My handsome tumultuous son Your day will soon be here Does anyone remember?
Have they forgotten?
Not I my son
The 14th is yours
You are the one
Miss you
Love you
My Baby Boy
My Lifetime Valentine

nmfg RIP RFL
02 03 2014

2 thoughts on “Your Day

  1. Your Birthday – Your Re-birthday…

    Here it comes again, 5/27 – your birthday; a day of pure joy for me….my future emerged – my purpose was clear. Here it comes again, 5/29 – your re-birthday; a day that crushed my insides… my future was torn away, my purpose was and still is invisible.

    These two dates, even 8 years later, are distinctly different yet forever create emotional havoc for me. I can seem to escape these two monumental, life changing, and emotional extremes – no matter how hard I try to cope, avoid, face, and endure…

    I feel broken, I feel quietly lost, I function outwardly – struggle inwardly, cope inadequately/avoidant-ly, smile without joy, and get through each day; sometimes wondering what’s it all for?…

    I face these inter-facing anniversaries, once again, soon ~ missing you.. wondering why, my beautiful daughter, why I have to miss you…

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