When I

When I cry for you, I wipe my own tears away.
When someone cries for their own, I wipe theirs too.
When I bleed for you, it trickles and floods out.
When someone bleeds for theirs, I put a band-aid.
When I think of you, my mind wanders.
When someone thinks of theirs, I see them.
When I feel alone, I look into my heart.
When someone feels alone without theirs, I give them comfort.
When I feel that you will be forgotten by others, I remember you.
When someone feels theirs has been forgotten, I listen.
When I speak of you, I radiantly glow.
When someone speaks of theirs, I see their loved ones shine.Post-license safety-positive and safety-negative free drivers ed online behaviorsCrashes involving teen drivers are caused by multiple factors and require comprehensive solutions.
When the days come and go.
When the night falls, you my child are forever mine.

RIP RFL 02 21 2014 Born 2/14/1985, Peaceful Sleep
02 21 2009

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