Two Creative Expressions of Love


I am posting links to two amazing stories about unique ways in which people creatively express their grief. Though crocheting and faith in God may not be what works for everyone, this story about a sister’s love and emotions manifesting as art is one way to help process grief. The second story and photos about a husband and father’s special way of capturing magical moments of love’s beginnings and transitions is simply breathtaking.

I hope you enjoy these stories as you continue to individually find ways to creatively express your own stories of love, emotion, life, and grief. I encourage you to post inspiring stories and share your own creative activities that have helped you and others on similar journeys.

Blessings and Peace, Tina Pierce

Evidence of a Trial

A Young Widower Retakes His Wedding Photos. The Way He Did It Is Tragically Beautiful.

2 thoughts on “Two Creative Expressions of Love

  1. I had seen the second article before and the photos were amazing with the idea, to me, that the daughter was carrying the life of her mother inside her as she grew up. And, the dad was loving his wife through his precious little daughter.

    But the first one really spoke to me in a very moving way. I too, am an artist. I did my journaling of my husband’s loss in a sketch book. You can hide behind words but, it is very difficult to hide behind art. The knitted circles were powerful in every sense of the word and what a way for her to let people know how she felt. She could not have put those feelings and emotions into words. The art display of the tears though felt as if I were stepping into my own grief again. I could feel the tears touch me and roll down my cheek. I can only imagine being able to walk into the center of that work and feel surrounded by the tears; the tears that eventually become forgiveness and acceptance.

    • Dear Willie,
      What can I say, life has been busy and full of crazy twists and turns since you wrote your last post here, in response to the two stories we shared. i am profoundly grateful for your feedback and validation that “YES, sometimes ART speaks more to our pain and feelings of acceptance, love, comfort, peace, angert, and other uncontrollable feelings!”
      Wishing you all the best on your grief journey!

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