Terribly Lonely

Since my significant other died five years ago, after 22 years, I’m still having trouble getting involved in any activities to speak of. I’m terribly lonely & I more or less keep to myself, which is totally not the way I was. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.


2 thoughts on “Terribly Lonely

  1. I know learning to cope after a loss of a loved one is very hard. It sounds like you had hobbies you liked to do. Sometimes picking up those might be hard or might need to think of things that interest you now. I have found that picking up a class at your local college that might interest you might be a start with finding your new normal again. The other thing could be learning a new skill like putting up tile or repurposing old furniture at lowes or home depo. The other thigh is hobby lobby where you can learn how to do flower arrangements or cake decorating. Those are just some ideas to get you back in the social game again.

  2. Neglected to say that after my significant other died, I put my house up for sale & a year later I moved from Fl to CA. I didn’t know a soul. I had one son who lived two hours away in CA, but didn’t know anyone else. I think I should have moved closer to my son & then I wouldn’t have been so lonely like I still am a lot of the time. My son works in this area & I guess I thought I would be more sociable. I’m working on it.

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