Thoughts from a parent donor

Thoughts From The Parents of a Donor

We overheard our son talking one day. He said, “I know how I will live forever. When I die, I’ll give my heart to a baby, the baby will live and grow old and when he dies, he will give my/his heart to another baby and on and on. I’ll give all my parts to different people.” His friend said “Whoever gets your eyes will be very lucky as they are so beautiful.”

A year or so after stating his scheme for immortality, our son died. He was 18 years old. He gave all that he could. Yes, he lives forever in our hearts and in the hearts of hundreds of people who have benefited from his donation. Yes, the ones who received his beautiful corneas are lucky.

Becoming a donor family was purely a selfish decision.a continuance of his life through others. It has been our salvation. He lives and we are very proud to have made that possible.