The Grieving Process

The grieving process involves several phases which are experienced by each of us in our own way and on our own timetable. Most of us respond initially to a sudden death with shock and disbelief. We just cannot believe what has happened. This is what leads to a period of denial because we do not want to believe the person is dead. As we slowly begin to accept the reality of the death we often feel confused. This confusion is made up of many feelings that seem to fight with one another. It is in recognizing the feelings and expressing them that we can begin to feel better. Dealing with the feelings helps us to learn more about the meaning of our relationship with the person and the impact of its loss on our lives. It is in this process that healing of our grief begins. With this healing comes a sense that life is beginning to feel normal again. The following is a description of common reactions and feelings you may experience as you grieve for the one you love.

Shock and Disbelief



Feelings of Guilt



Emptiness and Loneliness