Where do I go from here? After the funeral is finished, after the friends stop calling, and after even family members stop mentioning my loved one’s name, how do I get through the pain of this loss?

You are not alone in asking these questions. In today’s culture, support can be limited for those who grieve and some people may even believe that grief ends at a certain time. We know that grief has its own timetable and is unique to each person. We believe that grief is a journey toward finding a “new normal” that includes the loving relationship of memory.

Throughout this website, we strive to provide different types of bereavement support materials for the many different ways that people work through their grief. We offer various printed materials that may be helpful. Our Library Bibliography outlines many fine books and pamphlets. There are also downloadable versions of our Donor Family Quarterly newsletter. The newsletter includes timely information about events that may be of interest to donor families, as well as current news regarding LifeNet Health and touching stories about donor families and recipients.

A Gift for Life book is also highlighted and available for download. This booklet is provided to LifeNet Health organ and tissue donor families shortly after their loved one’s death and discusses the many feelings that can be experienced during this stressful time. While the book was written specifically for donor families, we realize these aspects of grief exist whether or not donation was involved.

Griefwords will provide you access to a series of articles by nationally- recognized grief educator, Dr. Alan Wolfelt. LifeNet Health’s philosophy of companioning bereaved families parallels Dr. Wolfelt’s work, and we trust these articles may be very helpful.

Finally, Healing the Spirit includes a chapter from a book written by Robin Cowherd, LifeNet Health’s Director of Donor Family Services. Those looking for examples of intense, spiritual reflection as part of the grief process may be interested in reviewing and possibly ordering this book.