Neville Gladstone May

My name is Juliette Anderson and I have created a website to accommodate anyone who has lost a loved one in a tragic situation and did not get the chance to say goodbye, I built this website after losing my own child to a drowning, the great loss and pain I feel to this day is over whelming, I decided to write him a letter which I found gave me some peace and a little closure, letters are posted on the site so others can read elite about your loved one and who they were, I hope this site can help others and I want people to know that this site is available and free to use…. warm regards, Juliette Anderson

One thought on “Neville Gladstone May

  1. I lost my husband on October the 24th, 2015. I found him sitting in his car dead with his mouth and eyes wide open. He was fine before I left out that night going to the store. I thought he was asleep and tried to wake him up but he didn’t bulge. He did have previous history of 2 heart attacks and had 6 stints. So the ER doctor said it was cardiac arrest and there was no autopsy performed. I’m angry because he left me, I’m angry because I didn’t get to say goodbye. We were together for 15 years and married for 9 of those 15 years. I have two teenage daughters whom he had been in their lives since they were 1 and 2. I hurt because I don’t know if he suffered before he died, or if he was just sitting in the car and his heart stopped beating. I’ve been strong for the last 2 months but it’s getting so hard. I can’t sleep because I still vision that night. Odell I miss you so much.

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