Handmade Memorial Quilts


Honoring and Remembering Loved Ones


A Quilt of Love is made up of nine quilt squares, created by donor or recipient families, representing the circle of donation. We currently have 22 quilts honoring LifeNet Health donors, handmade by their families.  Quilt 21 - 2015-03-14 70 pct

These small quilts are displayed in LifeNet Health facilities and used in public and professional education programs as a reminder of how donation helps everyone involved in the process.

The quilts are also displayed at donor family events and programs, and are a tribute to those who have given the ultimate gift. To view your loved one’s quilt, click the year the quilt was made at the bottom of this page. The quilts are carefully and lovingly assembled by a group of volunteers when nine completed squares have been received.

To request a quilt square be mailed to you, use the contact us form and choose “I would like a quilt square be sent to me” in the drop-down list. Write the name of your loved one in the “How Can We Help?” box. A blank quilt square and instructions will be mailed to you. Please make sure to enter your current address in the form.

You must be be the legal next of kin to make this request.

Families who have submitted a quilt square are welcome to submit a tribute to their loved one and background information about the design of the square. To do so use the contact us form and in the “How Can We Help?” box, type:

  • The name of your loved one
  • The year the quilt was made
  • Your tribute

For instructions on how to make a quilt, click  How to Make a Quilt Square.


To view your loved one’s quilt click the year the quilt was made:

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