Decorate & Submit a Quilt Square

If you are a LifeNet Health donor family member and would like to contribute a quilt square to one of our LifeNet Health quilts, click here to submit your request and we will send you the blank square of fabric for your creation with instructions on how to create it.

The quilts, while paying tribute to your loved one, will also serve as a beautiful display to reach the public regarding the importance of organ and tissue donation. We proudly display the quilts at events promoting organ and tissue donor awareness.


Use only the fabric square provided to you by LifeNet Health.


Quilt Square graphic


  • You may embellish the fabric square with sentimental materials such as a baby blanket, a school or team jacket, tie, favorite sweater or sweatshirt. The options are endless.


  • Pins, patches, buttons may be attached. Please be certain they are sewn to fabric. Please do not use stickers. They will fall off.


  • You may adorn the fabric square with a photo, poem, or quote that symbolizes your loved one’s life. Photos and printed matter may be transferred onto fabric (available at many office supply stores and photo specialty shops). Remember to request mirror image transfer to iron to the fabric. Please do not use actual photos.


  • You may include the name of your loved one and any significant dates, poems, quotations or anything else that helps you express your thoughts.


  • Feel free to include a written description explaining your square. These descriptions will accompany your quilt square included on our website.