Sometimes in the midst of grief and loss, words can fall short of expressing deep feelings. Ceremonies, rituals and creative expressions can provide an outlet for those feelings that escape words. The ceremony of creating memorials can help us remember and honor our loved one whom we have lost.

Our Online Memorial Quilt pages are designed to help you create an on-line tribute to Virtual quilt square croppedyour loved one. You need not be a LifeNet Health donor family member to participate. We trust the time you spend creating the memorial will be a helpful way to remember.

The Forever Memories Project pages are designed to help those dealing with grief and loss to creatively express their deep feelings and love through a variety of memorial projects. Please note that this part is a work in progress and we hope to expand and add more projects and ideas designed to help people who are grieving the loss of a loved one. Many crafty projects, such as creating scrapbooks, journaling, planting memorial gardens, are possible to commemorate our loved ones who have gone before us. In fact, the list of possibilities is endless. We have compiled a few ideas with instructions and links to help you organize your own personal expressive memories in artistic ways. We invite you to click here to enter into our page of Forever Memories.

The LifeNet Health Memorial Quilts page consists of photographs of actual donor memorial quilts. LifeNet Health donor families are invited to submit quilt squares as a memorial to their loved one. A quilt committee at LifeNet Health sews the squares together and they are used for community education and are on public display in our LifeNet Health offices. Many families include a story about the quilt square and their loved one to be used on the web site. If you are a LifeNet Health donor family member and would like to contribute a quilt square, please click here to submit your request. Please provide to us your name, address, phone number and the name of your loved one who was a donor.

The Donor Listing by Year page is an on-line list of LifeNet Health donors throughout the years. The donors’ names are used only with permission of their families. LifeNet Health maintains the donor list as a lasting memorial to those who have given the “Gift of Life” in order that others’ lives may be saved or enhanced. If your loved one was a donor through LifeNet Health and you would like to have their name included on this list, please contact us. Please provide your name and contact information as well as the name of your loved one and the year under which their name should be listed.