I can’t stop

From MaryJo:

I can’t stop crying. They would not let me hug my son one last time at the hospital. I just wanted one last hug with him to say good bye. They said I couldn’t touch him. He did look peaceful and I am so happy he could be a donor – it’s what he wanted. But I wanted to hug him one last time…

My heart is broken and it will never, ever heal

2 thoughts on “I can’t stop

  1. I was allowed to lie down next to my son in his hospital bed, but just for a very short time. I never got to say goodbye because I found him in a coma that he never came out of. It was 2 years ago and my heart if broken and will never heal. If one more person tells me that i have to get on with my life, I’m going to punch them. I have to cry where no one can see me or I get lectured. I wish that I had died with him. I am so sorry that you were denied that last precious moment with your son. I don’t understand how hospital staff can be so cruel. You just lost a vital part of you. His heart was beating with yours and it is impossible to accept that it isn’t anymore. A few mothers that I have run across all tell me that it never gets easier, but that you learn how to hide your feelings. So far, I’m not doing that very well. It still feels like yesterday. I still haven’t cleaned out his room. I just can’t – everything i touch brings back a memory. Gentle Hugs, Mary Ann

  2. My 11 year old son was in the hospital from 12/29, he was declared brain dead on 1/1/16, and his surgery was on the 3rd. I slept in the bed beside him as much as possible.I rarely even left for food or water because i knew these were our last days and he is my baby. Cherish the time that you did get with him.

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