Grief Support

The grief process is different for each individual. Some people find reading more helpful as they journey through their grief. Others may benefit from personal interaction with others who are grieving.


Our Books on Grief section provides links to numerous books on many and various subjects of grief and mourning available on


Our listing of support groups provides information for local and regional groups throughout Virginia and northern Florida, as well as National groups with online resources around the country.


If you prefer a more personal interactive support, we offer our LifeNet Health Donor Families Facebook Group.  Please note that this group is for for LifeNet Health donor families only.


Our Grief Companion Program, also for LifeNet Health donor families only, partners donor family members who are at least 18 months into their personal grief journey with family members who are just beginning theirs. Often it can be helpful to speak with someone who has experience a similar loss in their life.


Grief & Mourning . . . A Course “Teach me about your grief and I will be with you….”

The intention of this blog course is:

  • to provide information — an education — about grief and mourning;
  • to offer an opportunity for reflection on your personal experience of grief and mourning;
  • to provide a means for telling your story and sharing with others;
  • to present an opportunity to ask questions about your journey through grief and mourning and receive answers from the experience of others.


If you have any questions or comments, please contact us.