Grief Companion Program

When we lose a dearly beloved we often feel alone in our grief. Our feelings, thoughts and behaviors can be overwhelming. If we are fortunate, we may have understanding family and friends with whom we can share our experiences and provide us with comfort. If not, we can feel isolated.


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An understanding listener may be the help you need.

Often the people around us, even those closest to us, expect us to “move on” with our lives or “get over” the loss of our loved one. They can say things to us which are not helpful, and sometimes even hurtful.

It is important to be able to express our grief, to talk with someone who understands. However, often those closest to us and our loved one are also grieving and reluctant to share their grief in an effort to protect us. That mutual grief becomes a barrier leaving us to walk our journey alone and bewildered.

If this describes you, please consider our Grief Companion® Program. It is designed for you. Read more


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